The magic of bread machines

 April 15, 2016      
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I want to give you the bread machine reviews. For those you still don’t have it, maybe this is something that will make you buy one and enjoy in all of it features. I am using this magic appliance since 2013 and not regretting it so far. To be honest, I don’t think I could ever regret it and can’t imagine stopping using it.

The bread machine makes it straightforward for you to have that magic taste of bread by utilizing basic ingredients. All one has to do is to mix all constituents, start it by simply pressing a start button. All that is needed is for me to come ten minutes after with an elastic spatula to verify everything’s blending great into the batter ball. At that point I simply leave. No wasting time, no overthinking, simple and easy.

Regardless of the possibility that you like to make bread by hand more often, the bread machine can help you anyway. The bread machine is one important asset in everyone’s kitchen, especially if you don’t have time for making bread by hand. Also, if you have some physical restrictions, such as joint pain, the bread machine is just what you need. Of course, contingent upon the different settings on your specific machine, it can likewise make stick and cake, or a piece of banana bread.
And this is not all. There are many reasons you have to love it. It saves up your electricity and of course time but making bread is not everything that this asset enables you. Numerous bread machines have a setting that will make handcrafted jam! The final result is comparable to any jam made the way it was done in the good old days, canning. The procedure is simple since all you need to do is just to cut up your decision of natural product, and hurl in every other fixing. All you need is to close top, press that “jam” setting, and wait a while. And as if this is not enough, there is something more for all of you pizza lovers. Yes, that’s right. You get a recipe and make a magical, tasteful pizza with the bread machine.

So, just to summarize these bread machine reviews. It saves you cost for electricity, you don’t have to waste much time on this since it is quick. Yes, I would describe it with three words. Quick, simple, easy. No, wait. I definitely need more words for magnificent bread machine and I suppose those of you who have it agree with me. For those who still don’t have it, don’t waste your time and try it, you won’t regret it.

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Fundamental Tips for Choosing The Best Rice Cooker

 April 5, 2016      
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If you ever want to buy a new rice cooker and you think you have too many choices and don’t know where to start. Well, to start off on which model of electric rice cooker to get, you must first read the best rice cookers reviews. Next, you need to determine the number of persons you will be cooking for. Keep in mind that the larger the capacity the larger in size the rice cooker, so go for a size which will fit in your kitchen accordingly.You can’t help being curious precisely how this small machine can cook rice wonderfully each and every time. Moreover, how does it know the actual time to cease the cooking function and move to the keep warm mode to have the cooked rice hot.

The Aroma rice cooker includes a built-in multifunction menu which makes using it super easy and effortless. Having this function is nice especially if you require rice ready to serve throughout the day.

If you need to add more style to the rice, simply put different spices into it while it is cooking. Start off with cooking white rice. When it boils, put in the spice that you prefer. Mix it with the rice and allow it to cook.

The best rice cooker nowadays are called fuzzy logic ones. These are computerized to analyze the different kinds of rice and change the configurations accurately. This is perfect for folks who like to eat many types of rice.

To successfully cook a decent pot of rice, you will need to use a particularly correct ratio of water to rice, setting the temperature high initially and bringing it down to simmer.

Simple rice cookers typically make use of heat sensors to deliver heat for the rice. Higher end designs use microprocessors and even electronic timers so that you can pinpoint a certain cooking time. Induction heating may be found in some higher-end products.

The common electric rice cooker has an insulated outer tub fixed with a heating element that houses a detachable inner bowl. This is often lined with a non-stick finish and stamped with measuring marks.

Non stick cookware is what you should be looking for

 March 11, 2016      
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Everyone is looking for ways they can lead long healthy lives. A great way to ensure this dream is a reality is eating a balanced meal. However, if you are looking to eat healthy by reducing the amount of fat you consume, some cookware will not allow you to do this effectively. If you want to change your cookware into something more welcoming to less fat in food then non stick cookware is what you should be looking for. But which ones are the absolute best?

non stick cookware

  • Woll Diamond Plus cookware set
    As a foodie myself I would recommend this set for everyone who plans on using the non- stick cookware as their primary cookware set. Made in Germany, this set is amongst the most durable in the market today. It is perfect for people who cool using metal utensils as it is conveniently scratch and cuts resistant because of the ultra- hard coating it is made of. This set comes with 10 pieces.

Calphalon contemporary hard- anodized aluminum nonstick cookware

  • This set comes with 11 black pieces. The anodizing process used by this company ensures that the cookware is durable, stick resistant, scratch and cut resistant and lightweight. The last thing anyone want in their kitchen is metal that is not easy to clean. This one gives you a much easier time when it comes to cleaning even in a dishwasher.

Anolon advanced bronze collection

  • This cookware set is very affordable allowing you to get the whole set at less that $250. It is also made of high quality metal and is just the right weight so that it can allow for even cooking both on gas or electric cookers. It is also easy to handle while cooking because all the handles and the lids remain cool enough to be touched. You can easily clean it by hand because it does not stain.

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Is There a Kitchen Knife for Me?

 March 10, 2016      
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kitchen knives

In all my search for the best kitchen knife to buy (and trust me it has been long and deep…), I have come to one conclusion – “The ultimate kitchen blade does not exist yet…!” Why do I say this? Well, we all agree that having the right kitchen knife in the kitchen makes everything a lot more easier and fun. I hate working with knives that wont give you the precision or deli slicing you want… don’t you? But despite my research (and a few spent dollars), I have realized that one kitchen knife can never be enough.

My dilemma initially started with the choice between whether to go for a Japanese chef knife or keep it close home and buy a western blade (preferably from top German knife makers). Of course there are a few chef knives that could serve you comfortably for almost everything you need in a regular modern kitchen but trust me… you will slowly find out that curving a turkey (or other poultry and preparing most meats) requires you to have a different blade from what you would comfortably use for chopping carrots or peeling apples.

The trick, as most kitchen enthusiasts will agree me lies in the design of the blade (spine, tip, heel and cutting edge), the handle ergonomics and of course how these two have been fused together to complete a sturdy, sharp and fun to use chef knife. The shapes and sizes are endless and they appeal to every individual differently – that’s why I will not try to shove brands down your throat. My only advice is… buying the best chef knives needs careful consideration and I would suggest you do that physically whenever possible (where you can touch and have a feel of the knife and how it fits in your hand). Good luck finding your chef knife.

What A Juicer Can Do

 August 28, 2015      
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healthy juicing

Anyone will definitely love what a good juicer can achieve. It is very important you imagine what you would like your juicer to do before purchasing it in the market. The following is a list of some of best juicers to buy and a guide on how to pick the right juicer.

Omega J8005 Nutrition Centre Single-Gear

Omega is one of the famous juicer manufacturers in the world. Omega J8005 Nutrition Centre Single-Gear is the leading product in their list of juicer. This commercial mastication juicer comes with a great package and at an affordable price that will not leave you regretting the purchase. This product functions as a juicer, pasta extruder, grinder, homogenizer, and food processor. The other functions are that it has a dual stage juicing system with a low speed of 80 rpms. It also does not form foam or clogging and neither does it heat up.

Omega J8005 Nutrition Center

This juicer functions as a food processor, pasta extruder, homogenizer, and grinder. Its multi-function characteristics allow it to be used for vegetables, juice and processing other foods and performing other tasks. This ensures that the juicer meets different needs from different consumers. It has several advantages including, low rotational speed, a built in reverse mode and an automatic pulp ejection. Its disadvantage is that it may need two containers for it to catch the juice and pulp. Read the full review here.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

This is a 500-watt juice extractor with an inbuilt strong motor, which ensures that it juices all types of juices and foods including hard fruits and vegetables. The juicer also has a compact design, which ensures that space is well utilized.

How to choose the best juicer

Before purchasing a juicer, it is very important that you ask yourself the following questions.

1. What am I going to juice?

2. What kind of juice am I intending to make?

3. How many fruits and vegetables will I be processing?

4. How much money is my health worth?

These should be the guide to picking the best juicing machines in the market.

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Why Do We Need Coffee?

 August 7, 2015      
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Why do we need coffee? There’s no certain answer, surely. Coffee can create fresh mood in the morning. It can give you cosy laziness for late breakfast on weekends. Or it can help meet friends for a friendly conversation. So, why do we need a coffee machine? And what is the best espresso machine? Well, it depends on your personal requirements and – of course – your budget. Your best automatic espresso machine can cost more than one thousand or just one hundred euros. It depends on brand. And not only the name matters. You can choose a variety of types: it may be used on stove. It can be manual lever espresso machine. Other type of best espresso machine is pump and automatic – and I do believe most people choose an automatic one as their best espresso machine. Pod espresso machines are also quite good, but they use pod instead of coffee beans.


Personally I like to choose coffee grains myself and would go for an automatic espresso machine. There is one feature I would like to mention – coffee strength. Some people like strong coffee. Others go for taste or aroma of coffee. What I have found out is that it also depends on coffee grinding. So when you choose the best espresso machine for you, take a look at the specifications of grinding options. Can you choose the coarseness? The finer grains you get – the stronger coffee you will drink.OK. For the high budget you can choose various designs of the best espresso machine: starting from retro looking ones, ending up with cosmic design, or smart ones, that you can operate with your iPad or smart phone. But there is one fascinating thing I have found at the coffee machine store!

A lot of people like to travel nowadays. And you can have fun going on a bike trip, or camping in the mountains or at the lake. And what to do if there’s no electrical power?And here comes the best espresso machine for me: it is Handpresso! You can check it on the net. In few words it works like a bike pump. You just put in ground coffee and pump it. It uses no batteries, no power needed. Just pump and you will get great espresso whenever you are! What a marvelous thing! and I have found two types of my best espresso machine: automatic one – you plug in to the 12 V socket of any vehicle. But I prefer bikes – so I would go for Handpresso “Wild Hybrid” – that is my best espresso machine!Have a nice journey through the world of coffee – wherever you are :)